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what we do . . .

We uncover what is special and distinctive about your institution, faculty, research and programs. We tease out those aspects that we know will capture the attention of editors, reporters and producers. When capturing the attention of the very top media, your marketing material must be of the most compelling and interesting nature. The media is bombarded by “good” stories, but to be utilized, the story needs to be the “best.” We know the difference.

We’ve been around the block and can take you with us.

Try as you might, you or your internal staff cannot be everywhere, or know everything, about what the media is planning, or to whom they should speak on any given topic. We allow you to cover more bases with the media, ensuring that your yield of exposure increases. You are a vital part of the process, which allows you to build more relationships with media people, expand your rolodex of contacts, and gain the assurance that you have the media exposure part of your task well in hand.

We do the heavy lifting.

We counsel you, your staff, faculty and other influential players on how to best present your stories. But, instead of just offering advice, we execute the packaging and pitching of these stories. Execution of ideas and concepts and transforming them into actual results in the media is the most important and labor-intensive factor in marketing (and consequently an aspect neglected by many consulting agencies that leave you with reams of advice and plans, but no results.)

We have worked with 250 institutions during our 40 plus year history: universities, colleges, think tanks, secondary schools, corporations, associations, medical centers, business schools, museums, research institutes and foundations. We are the oldest firm of our kind in the country, and we are considered one of the most creative agencies in the United States.

“There is no substitute for substantial visibility in the media — nothing
you produce in-house is as effective as national media exposure
in building name recognition, or changing perceptions.”



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